Dicha Zelianivan Arkana

A software engineer focusing on delivering high-quality software that helps people to solve their problems.


About Me

A software engineer with over 4 years of experience in software development. My experience mostly consists of web development, but I'm open to other platforms as long as it helps people solve their problems. I work mostly with Typescript, React, Svelte, and Node.js. Currently an undergraduate studying Informatics Engineering at State Polytechnic of Malang. Speaks Indonesian and English fluently, currently learning Japanese.

Work Experience

PT Global Scholarship Services Indonesia (IPBTraining)

remote full-time
Fullstack Web Developer
Apr 2024 - Present
  • Initiated the use of Github Action for CI/CD pipeline
  • Used Javascript and Typescript to build and maintain learning platform
  • Instrumented Sentry for better tracing and better error reporting to improve bug fixing downtime.
  • typescript
  • nodejs
  • nextjs
  • laravel
  • mysql
  • docker

PT Healstation Indonesia

remote freelance
Fullstack Web Developer
Jan 2023 - Apr 2023
  • Building Content Management System for a South Korean mobile app that accommodates car, camp car, and camping site rent in one app
  • Designed the database schema along with other developer
  • Uses Next.js with Typescript, tRPC, Prisma, and Tailwind to maximise the development speed and user experience of the CMS
  • Utilises MySQL as the database and MinIO/S3 as the object storage
  • Using Docker for both local development setup and easy deployment solution
  • typescript
  • nextjs
  • trpc
  • mysql
  • minio
  • docker

Cubix Branding Agency

remote contract
Fullstack Web Developer
Jun 2022 - Mar 2023
  • Developed three responsive websites for Artajasa, ATMBersama, and Bersama respectively based on the provided design on Figma
  • Worked in team with 3 other developers using Github
  • Uses NextJS with Typescript to provide type-safety when developing the website. Also uses SCSS, Stitches, and SCSS Module to style each of the websites.
  • Applied ISR pattern to improve performance and uses SWR for easier data fetching on the client
  • Integrate the data that comes from Laravel with Voyager CMS to the website to provide dynamic content
  • Helped refactoring and fixing any bugs that occured on both the frontend and backend
  • typescript
  • nextjs
  • scss
  • php
  • laravel
  • voyager


remote freelance
Fullstack Web Developer
Dec 2021 - Sept 2022
  • Built a platform to do programming test similar to Codewars and HackerRank with multilingual support that also tracks the user activity such as mouse clicks, mouse movements, keystroke events, etc. since its main purpose is to collect data to be then used for research. Now published as teknologi-umum/spectator
  • Collaborate with various developers using Git and Github
  • Uses React with Typescript, Redux Toolkit, ChakraUI to build the frontend and utilised SignalR to send activity data to the ASP.NET Core backend. Used Vitest and React Testing Library to do unit test
  • Helped developing the data calculation worker along with its unit test. The worker is written in Go and uses gRPC to communicate with the ASP.NET Core backend. It queries the data from InfluxDB and write the result to MinIO bucket as CSV and JSON.
  • Made a video stream feature which streams video output from the webcam to ASP.NET Core backend through HTTP
  • Assisted with developing the Remote Code Execution engine written in Typescript that uses gRPC to communicate with other services which then got open sourced as teknologi-umum/pesto
  • Helped developing a dummy data generator using Python to generate thousand of fake user interaction activity data along with the unit test
  • Used Docker to make it easier to develop and deploy each services
  • typescript
  • react
  • redux-toolkit
  • chakra-ui
  • signalr
  • aspnet-core
  • grpc
  • go
  • influxdb
  • minio
  • python
  • docker

Enam Dua Teknologi

remote freelance
Frontend Web Developer
Jun 2022 - Aug 2022
  • Developed a Task Management System for J99 Corp. Holding similar to Jira using React, React Hook Form, React Query, Typescript, and ChakraUI
  • Applied Render-as-you-fetch pattern using Suspense to improve the User Experience of the app
  • Applied Atomic Design in React to make sharing components easier
  • Collaborate with other frontend and backend developers to build a task management system
  • Implemented Figma UI design into an interactive React UI
  • Uses SSE to implement notification feature
  • typescript
  • react
  • react-hook-form
  • react-query
  • chakra-ui

Personal Projects

These are some of my personal projects that I made in the past. Some of them are still in use, some are not. Mostly made them just for fun and to learn new things.

Jisho Lens

Yomichan for Android with Google Lens-like feature


A website to paste your text with syntax highlighting support.


A Pauli Test Simulation app made with Web Component and RxJS


Lighter Carbon alternative made with Shiki


A japanese kana quiz app built using Routify and TailwindCSS


A website where I put the result of a small challenge that I did every week

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Open Source Projects

These are some open source projects that I actively help maintain. Most of them are from Teknologi Umum, a community that I'm part of.


Never miss out on your Git activities by getting notifications on your Telegram.


Remote Code Execution Engine that lets you execute any piece of code on a remote server via REST API


An archive of the group chats where we share our thoughts and opinions.

Teknologi Umum Bot

Teknologi Umum's bot for a more interactive group

Teknologi Umum Blog

Teknologi Umum's blog where anyone can write about anything!


Even though I don't write often, I try to share my thoughts and experiences from time to time. Hope you find them useful!

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