How I Memorise Japanese Weekdays

Posted on Thursday, 17 September 2020Suggest An Edit


This will be a short post. I just want to share how I memorise Japanese weekdays (平日) or heijitsu. I am no expert at japanese just to clarify. Maybe someone will find this useful so might as well share my way of memorising it.


Weekdays in japanese is called Heijitsu or 平日. It has a youbi or 曜日 suffix so in order to memorise it, we only need to memorise the first kanji. Easy enough right?

Sunday (日曜日)

The first one is Monday (nichiyoubi). In order to memorise it, I simply take Sun in Sunday and refer it as Sun. The 日 kanji means sun. Also, because I love Babymetal so much, I memorise it as Su(nday). Why? you might ask. Well, Metal Galaxy live album is divided into 2 parts and the one that has Su in it has a Sun background. Maybe it’s weird, but meh, I don’t care. I mean, it works ツ

Monday (月曜日)

Second one is Monday (getsuyoubi). Similar to the first one, I take Mon from Monday and refer it as Moon. The 月 kanji means Moon or Month. Also, same as before, I also memorise this Moa from Babymetal. You might have guessed it. Yes, it has Moon background for the album cover. I mean, as long as it works, who cares ツ

Tuesday (火曜日)

Third one is Tuesday (kayoubi). I memorise this as it is. The kanji (hi) means Fire. For some reason I always think this sentence, “Tuesday is on fire”. I don’t know why, but it is what it is.

Wednesday (水曜日)

Fourth one is Wednesday (suiyoubi). I take Wed from Wednesday and refer it as Wet because the kanji means Water. Simple enough, nothing weird with this one.

Thursday (木曜日)

Fifth one is Thursday (mokuyoubi). The kanji means Tree and Thurs to me is similar enough with the word Tree. So that’s how I memorise it.

Friday (金曜日)

Sixth one is Friday (kinyoubi). The kanji (kane) means Money (お金). I memorise it as it is, no weird mnemonic or anything. Friday is 金曜日.

Saturday (土曜日)

Last one is Saturday (doyoubi). I memorise this as Saturn day. The kanji (do or tsuchi) means earth or land. Why do I memorise it as Saturn? You might ask. Well, if you look at the saturn symbol it has a similar shape with .


That’s about it for this post. Once again, I am no expert at Japanese but I just want to share how I memorise it and maybe someone will find this useful. Thanks for reading this! ツ