I redesigned my website because why not

Posted on Saturday, 2 May 2020Suggest An Edit


Hi! So I made this blog about 2 months ago and I think now it doesn’t have a decent UI/UX at least in my opinion. Now, because I have plenty of free time because of the current pandemic that’s been going on for a couple of months. I decided to redesign it and I’ll explain why.

Components Redesign

I changed the background to be a little bit transparent so that I can use a backdrop-filter that I recently discovered. It looks really cool, like looking through a white glass.

I added the social media icon to the navbar unlike previously where I put it on the footer so people can could easily see them. The icons are also changed, they have their original shape instead of having a circular background.

Nothing much changed here except I made it to be more ‘informative’ I guess. I also removed the previous social media icon which I’ve already mentioned.

Pages Redesign

Home page

Previously, I have this one big section that fills the entire screen with a logo and a quick description about me. That’s not very good in terms of the UX. I decided to make it look more compact by dividing it into 2 sides. Here’s the comparison.

old new

I also don’t have a new logo for my username yet. So it is what it is. I’ll make that in the future.

UPDATESun, 6 September 2020

I decided to use my github profile picture instead.

Tags page

I decided to remove the category. I think tags will be enough because I have another plan for the “category” thingy. I’ll talk about that later on. If you’ve seen my archives page before, it kinda look like a mess, like seriously. I mean just look at this.


and compare that to this.


The new page looks way better than the old one. At least in my opinion.

Post page

I changed the post page slightly. The code block use dark theme even if the site is light theme. I try to give some contrast so the reader can focus on what they read. Other than that, nothing’s changed.

Post list page

I still use the same pagination page from previous website and I just changed the navigation button a little bit. That’s all.

About page

Previously, I made the about page as sort of a QnA page. I replace it with an explanation about myself instead this time. Go check it yourself ;)

Books page

I am planning on making this page to be a place where I put some sort of series. I got this idea from Bandithijo. Check him out by the way, his content is just pure awesomeness.

So currently, it is a work in progress. “coming soon”, that’s all you got for now.

UPDATESat, 17 October 2020

I changed my mind. I won’t make this section. I never have the time to do it unfortunately.

Other stuff

I fixed some little bugs that’s previously happened and what not. Just some tiny little improvements.


All in all, I really like the end result. Let me now what you think down below in the new disqus comment section ;)