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Why I use Linux instead of other OS

Posted on Thursday, 27 February 2020 - Suggest An Edit


Hello internet people of the internet! In this post, I will explain the reason why I use Linux and how I know Linux. Well, the correct term here should be GNU/Linux but it’s way too long let’s be honest. So, whenever I say Linux, what I mean is GNU/Linux. Let’s start with how I know Linux.


My first laptop

It all started when I want to buy my first laptop. Roughly about 9 months ago. It runs Intel Celeron N4000 processor, which is pretty bad (yeah, I know). At that time, I didn’t know about Thinkpad which most of people said has the best value for its price. So, I do some quick research on how slow fast this processor runs. It turns out, it’s pretty bad.

How I know Linux

I heard a lot of people say that Windows 10 is heavy for a slow processor like mine. It’s bloat, it’s too heavy, too many things going on, there’s some malicious virus that can easily infect your computer, yaddi yadda. To be honest, I became a bit sad at that time. Then I came across a post on Facebook saying something like “Try Linux if your laptop/pc isn’t powerful enough to run windows.” Then I start to wonder, what is this guy talking about? Linux? I never heard that before.

I became interested in that. Bare in mind that I don’t have any laptop yet. I don’t know why I love to read some articles about Linux and joined on several groups even if I don’t have any machine that runs Linux (I even help people solve issues that they have on their Linux machine even though I don’t have any laptop. That’s quite something if you ask me). It’s an interesting operating system (mainly because I never heard of it). Somehow, I like the fact that most people don’t use it. I like to be different. Finally, after about a month, I bought my very first laptop.

My first distribution

Linux has so many distributions. Like, a gazillion of them. But from what I observe, there are only a few “big boys” that stands out from the others. Some of them are Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Manjaro, OpenSUSE, Fedora, RHEL, PopOS, etc. I got confused easily on which one is the best for me. Then I decided to check what’s that guy is using on Facebook.

The guy on Facebook runs Manjaro Linux. I was like, “Why did he choose that? That’s a silly name for Linux.” Not gonna lie, that’s my first impression lol. About a week later, I tried to install one of Linux distribution after getting convinced enough. The one that I chose was Linux Mint. At that time, I installed Linux Mint 19.1 XFCE Edition. I was so happy to be able to install Linux. Unfortunately, I lost my first screenshot on Linux Mint.

Changing distribution

A month has passed. I feel pretty comfortable with Linux. Then, there was this news saying that Ubuntu dropped their support for 32bit libraries. Do you remember that news? I was like, “Well, that’s fine I guess. What’s wrong with that?” Little did I know, 32bit libraries are what most games depend on. Then I started to panic and confused lmao.

I was like, “Oh come on. I’m already comfortable with my current setup. I still want to play some games but I don’t want to change my distribution.” Yep, that’s literally what I said. And you know what? f*** it. Imma change my distribution. I decided to choose Manjaro since it’s not based on Ubuntu. Yep, the one that I’ve mentioned before. A distribution that I thought has a stupid name (I felt so guilty now lol). Then I started to think, “Who cares about names anyway. As long as it is usable, it’s good.”

Finally, I installed it. I took a quick screenshot after installing it because I was so excited. Here, take a look!


Manjaro is based on Arch. Some people say that it’s Arch without all of its fuss. I mean, it’s true. At the time I’m writing this, I use Arch. For beginners that want to try Archlinux, it’s a good starting point. I ended up using it for nearly 8 months. It was a great experience.

Why Linux?

So, why do I use Linux then? Well, let me give you a quick list of why Linux is better than the other OS


At first, I’m afraid that I can’t install Windows on my new laptop. Who would’ve thought that in the end, I use Archlinux which some people say that it’s difficult to install. I think it’s not that hard, follow the wiki and you’re set (said someone who had failed to install Archlinux 3 times lmao).

Alright, this post will end right here. I might post why I use VIM/Window Managers next time. See ya in the next post everyone, have a good day!