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Personal Projects

These are some of my personal projects that I made in the past. Some of them are still in use, some are not. Mostly made them just for fun and to learn new things.

Jisho Lens

Yomichan for Android with Google Lens-like feature


A website to paste your text with syntax highlighting support.


A Pauli Test Simulation app made with Web Component and RxJS


Lighter Carbon alternative made with Shiki

GH Jobs

Simple app that I made when trying out Svelte-Kit which uses Github Job API Scraper

Scraper for made with Rust and Typescript.

Covid Info v2

A remake of my previous app that shows the current COVID19 data.


A japanese kana quiz app built using Routify and TailwindCSS


A website where I put the result of a small challenge that I did every week

Umaru Chat

A realtime chat app made with React, Firebase, and Typescript

Brainly Scraper

A tiny (~2KB) library to scrape data from brainly written in Typescript.


SMKN 3 Jember's site remake using NextJS and TailwindCSS

School Stuff

A website where I put some of my school assignment cuz why not.

Kana Board

An app to help me memorise Japanese vocab.

Old Personal Website

My old personal website made with Gatsby

Covid Info

A simple app to get current covid data.

Open Source Projects

These are some open source projects that I actively help maintain. Most of them are from Teknologi Umum, a community that I'm part of.


Never miss out on your Git activities by getting notifications on your Telegram.


Remote Code Execution Engine that lets you execute any piece of code on a remote server via REST API


An archive of the group chats where we share our thoughts and opinions.

Teknologi Umum Bot

Teknologi Umum's bot for a more interactive group

Teknologi Umum Blog

Teknologi Umum's blog where anyone can write about anything!

Assignment Projects

These are some projects that I did as an assignment whether it's from when I was in high school or college. Guess I'd put them here anyway in case someone find them useful.

Room Tenant System

An app to streamline the process of borrowing rooms in JTI building for various events.

Online Library

An app to help librarian manage the library

Inventory App

An Inventory App made with CodeIgniter v4

Java Cashier App

A desktop cashier app made with Java for one of my final assignment