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Kanaizu is an app that I made when I was starting to learn Svelte. I made this app because I want to help my friend memorise Japanese kana because we’re both learning Japanese at the time I’m writing this. It’s also because I want to try Routify. I made this app for about a week, maybe that’s way too long but hey, it was my second time so I barely know the basics.

I got the data from Wikibooks. It has around ~508 words. I picked them randomly, most of them are N5 and N4. I picked them using a weird method. As you can see, the words that they provide has kanji because that’s how you would use it, with kanji. I only want the hiragana or katakana version. So what I did was scrape the data and make this tiny and unefficient script using js that would transform the data that I got from the site which is an array of words into an object that looks something like this.

	"data": [
			"hiragana": "たべる",
			"romaji": "taberu"
			"hiragana": "わかる",
			"romaji": "wakaru"

I converted it from kanji to hiragana/katakana using this tool. Big thanks for the creator of that tool. It would be very tedious if it didn’t exist. Imagine converting hundreds of words manually.

I use Tailwind CSS for this project which means that I have to setup postcss. Again, because this is my second time trying Routify and my first time setting up Tailwind CSS specifically for Routify, as expected, I messed up. I have no idea what I was doing until a few hours later but it’s worth it. I learned something new.

I you’re interested with this app, go ahead and try it yourself ツ

There’s some inconsistency though, but it’s rarely appear. I can’t fix it because it’s quite unpredictable. Basically, it won’t show your score. Just refresh the app if this happen.

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