Old Personal Website

Old Personal Website

My previous website was made with GatsbyJS. It went through 2 iterations but the one that you’re seeing now is the second iteration. The first one is way too ugly to a point where it’s not worth to even show it :p

This is my first website that I’ve put my whole effort into, I made it around February 2020 and redesign it around May 2020. I’m actually quite surprised that I managed to make this website and maintain it overtime.

I learned a lot during the process of making this, not only about HTML/CSS/JS, but also about CI/CD. I used TravisCI then moved to Github Action for this.

It was hosted on Github Page but I now moved it to Vercel just because I’m hosting the rest of my stuff there. It’s also nice that I don’t have to care about CI/CD.

Don’t expect any content there, they’re all outdated and saved for historical purpose. Just pretend that they are some lorem ipsum text ;)

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