Skaga is a website that I made as an attempt to remake my school’s website. This is my first website that I built using NextJS. It was a pleasant experience using NextJS for the first time. All goes well and nothing messed up.

This website is also the first time I made a dropdown for the navbar and surprisingly it works the first time I made it. I’m quite proud of the design of this website. I personally think this is way better than the old one.

Initially, I want to try to integrate it with strapi but it got cancelled. I changed my mind because I don’t see any point of me doing this. Simple markdown files for the post is enough.

There’s one issue though. I couldn’t make the lazy-loaded images work so you’d have to suffer when you visit the website for the first time.

Not all of the content is completed since I just want to make the ‘big picture’ of the website. It’s not going to be used so why would I even bother to complete it.